Will the Judge Care About Family Violence in my Divorce or Custody Case?

by Ricardo Barrera

Will the Judge Care About Family Violence in my Divorce or Custody Case_

Family violence is actually a simple idea in Court. Judges do not like it. 

Judges try to protect adults and children from being exposed to violence, threats of violence, or from being in a home environment that includes family violence. 

Oftentimes, family violence goes unreported in an effort to “save the marriage” or “so he/she won’t lose his/her job.” This creates a difficult situation for lawyers to prove the event after time has passed and the evidence is altered or non-existent. Family violence in a divorce has a punitive effect against the perpetrator because the Court may award spousal maintenance, damages, and a disproportionate division of community property when family violence is proven by clear and convincing evidence. 

In a custody matter in a divorce or non-divorce matter, family violence proven by clear and convincing evidence may result in sole managing conservatorship, supervised visitation, and a no-contact order or protective order.

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